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Welcome to our website
About paul Tearse, Tarot reader and adviser, life coach, artist and poet, minister of the church of spiritual light

My name is Paul Tearse and as you can see from the above title I have many strings to my bow.
 If you google tarot readers you get thousands of search results all offering you the world,

 this can be confusing, they all offer free tarot readings to hook you in, they have adverts which take you all over the web, they all have different prices and believe it or not some of them send you automated emails.

 This is why I want to tell you about myself and what I do, I thought that before you put your trust in me you would want to know about the man behind the website and what drives me to do what I do. 

 So here we go

 I have been interested in tarot cards and divination for 40 years, 
I remember at the age of ten looking at a fortune telling book which had been in the family for some years, I still have this book now, it’s not in good shape but I will not part with it. check out the photo at the bottom of the page

 I purchased my first tarot deck at the age of ten, it is the Spanish deck which is a reproduction of a deck from 1736, I still have this deck today and I use it now and then.  check out the photo at the bottom of the page

 I spent hours learning about the cards and other methods of divination including crystal gazing , napoleon’s book of fate, reading the tea leaves, dream meanings and dowsing, I am also interested in crystals and the ruins,
 I suppose it was a strange thing to be interested in at the age of ten but I felt comfortable with it, it seemed normal to me.
 It was from an early age I developed my passion for art and I would experiment with different forms of media.

 At the age 16 I developed my interest in spiritualism and I would go to my local spiritualist church hoping to get a message from beyond,
 I think I was looking for proof of the afterlife as we all do in one way or another.
 Although my faith was strong I was always looking for that special sign from above.
 I’m not a mind reader but I know what you’re thinking now.
 Did I get the sign from above?
 The answer is no, may be I did not notice it though, but I believe I was not ready for that to happen at that point in my life.
 My child hood was fantastic, my sister Sandra and I never went without, and we always had the best which must have been difficult for my parents in those days.
 I have fond memories of my childhood which is because of my mam and dad and my sister. I might right about it one day. 
 I was married at the age of 18 which did not last long but there was one good thing that came out of it, and that’s my son dean. I am so proud of him he means everything to me, I don’t see him as much as I should but he is always in my heart,
 he is a grown man now, he has worked hard to get where he is now.
 over the years I have experienced love and laughter, depression, sadness and pain, hardship, prosperity, friendship, birth, death, fun, stress and happiness, I’ve had good times and bad times, but mostly good times.

 One of the best things that stands out in my life was meeting my second wife Catherine, we have been together for 20 years and we were married four years ago,
 I will always love her, she is my world and she supports me in every way,
 She has the patients of an angel which is just as well because she needs it with me.

 At the age of 45 I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, this changed my life in a way I could not have imagined.
 I am now fifty and the last five years have had its ups and downs. But that’s another story.

  I started to paint in styles that I had not done before, most of my paintings are from the mind and my imagination and I often add hidden meanings in them. 
 If you look at the painting bellow there’s a little dog, this little dog came in to my mind and wanted to be in the painting. 
When I paint I disappear in to a world of my own. 
 I also started to read tarot professionally and have had clients all over the world.

 I have a deep interest in Wicca and practice Wicca. 
 I have told you a little about myself because I wanted you to feel as if you know me, I wanted you to know I have experienced most things that life could throw at me and I have pulled through each one and learned from it.
 When you ask me for advice I will put every effort in to helping you with the use of tarot and my experience of life. If you would like to ask me anything please get in touch. 
 Paul Tearse   
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