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The Heart breaking story of Gary

Gary was born in to a traveling family, he spent the first years of his life traveling from town to town working in the funfair to pay for his food and accommodation, gary worked on the hook the duck stall.


Gary was subject to a great deal of physical and mental abuse which included working 24 hours all by himself without a break, cramped living conditions, he had no company which made him feel depresed and angry

Gary had a problem with communication, he could not talk, and this meant that Gary could not express his feeling and was often pushed to one side and ignored.

It was June the 7th 1967 and Gary started the day with his normal routine of getting washed and ready to go and work on the hook the duck stall.What happened that day changed his destiny, his life was never to be the same again. When Gary arrived at the  stall he stopped in his tracks, his heart started to pound, he was not working alone that day, he was to be working with a young lady, her name was Gail and it was love at first sight.

Gail came from a travelling family from Spain which had travelled to the uk to take part in the fun fair, Gail's family also made her work long hours and did not like her making friends or talking to anyone.

Gary and Gail had a secret relationship, they admired each other from a distance communicating only by sign language as being together at that time was not allowed.

the romance continued and as each day passed their love for each other grew stronger.

the next part of the story brings tears to my eyes every time i tell it.

Gary and Gail were doing their normal shift on the hook a duck stall when Gary heard the sound of exitement and cheering coming from the other end of the stall, someone had won a prize.

gary felt the sensation of being lifted up and the water in his bag splashing around. gary could do nothing he was being taken away from his home, all he could do was to wave at Gail until she disapeard in to the distance.

Gary had been won by Paul and Catherine, they took him home and he had everything he needed, a new large bowl, clean water, and food.

Gary was not happy he was depresed and lonely he did not eat he sat at the bottom of his bowl thinking of Gail, at one point Gary tried to drown himself but luckily that  did not work.

Paul and Catherine were concerned about Gary and Paul told catherine about a website he had seen called tarot advisors

Paul told catherine that tarot advisers did tarot readings for pets and he thought it might help gary if we sent for a tarot card reading by e mail.

when garys tarot reading arived it went in to great detail, pointing out many concerns but the main problem was gary had a broken heart and needed company.

Paul and Catherine waisted no time and headed back to the fun fair hoping it was still their and that it had not moved on,

Gary sat qietly at the botom of his bowl thinking of the good times he had with Gail, he was so deep in his thoughts he did not notice a splash just behind him. Gary sudenly had the feeling he was not a lone he could feel vibrations in the water then from nowhere he heard a voice whisper, gary is that you gary omg gary its you.

he fliped aroud and swiming in front of him was Gail

Gary and Gail were back together again

lets leave them alone now so they can chat and and have a cuddle.

if you have a pet who needs help contact tarot advisors

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