welcome to your online church area

welcome to your online church area

this is your online church area, every one is welcome no matter what religion or colour you are you can come here to pray , meditate or simply look around, i wont force my religion on to you , welcome all

Minister Paul Tearse

 the universal life church

The Universal Life Church has no traditional doctrine. We as an organization believe in that which is right. Each individual has the privilege and responsibility to determine what is right for themselves, as long as it does not infringe on the rights of others. We do not stand between you and your God.  WE ARE ADVOCATES OF THE GOOD LIFE! We want to be competent, to be proficient, to be cooperative, to love our fellow man, to appreciate, to be humble, to be honest, to be moral, to live positively, to be what we profess.
We are now a Universal Church. What do we mean when we say we are a Universal Church? We have churches all around the world. The sun never sets on the Universal Life Church. This is why we call it a Universal Church. We have, within this church, a very liberal type of religion, but, we also have conservative types of people. I have never met a person that disagrees with our doctrine. We feel that our doctrine is universal. I believe that every living person is a part of the Universal Life. When they become conscious that they are part of Universal Life, they will look for people like minded. We are sure that the Universal Life Church is the one church that satisfies the majority of people. We are now looking and studying to find a way that all people can come together and work for the good of all people.  

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